Four Years Fail.

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I recently saw a youtube video with the title “From First to Last” VS Four Year Strong.” I realized at that second that I have never listened to the band. I watched the first five minutes of the video, which was some fat white guy talking about how FYS is cooler than Bon Jovi and he “Headlined” Warped Tour. First off, this fucker is ugly, and plus he is the “DJ?” of FYS? Why the fuck does a rock band need a damn DJ? Loving electronica music as well as post-hardcore/punk, I thought, “Wow a DJ in a punk band, this could be interesting.” I listened to three fuckin’ songs and I heard nothing at all that even sounded remotely electronic. But, not knowing the band, I could have misjudged a joke, but something in their voice didn’t sound like they were joking. They were honestly comparing the late god’s of post-hardcore to these fat ass faggots? Seriously?

The guitar was all up-beat and the drums were heavy on the snare and hi-hat like A Day to Rememer and the vocals were basically the same. I played two songs, one of each bands, right after the other and could barely tell them apart. FYS vocalist is SLIGHTLY deeper. That’s it. These bands should just combine and name themselves, “We Wish We A Hardcore Panic! At the Disco”.

I’m so damn sick of these watered down punk bands, like A Day to Remember, Four Years Shit, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Fags, Valencia (Which is going to be my next rant), Vice Versa, Mayday Parade and probably a million other bands out there. The only reason they’re popular is because little preppy girls, who like to dress in dark colors, with contrastic bright colors, with sparkles on their face because it’s “fun”, like to feel “hardcore” because they like “punk”. Fuck this bubblegum shit. 


Fucking pigs.


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Carnage Masks and Blue Vomit

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Two words. Fucking amazing. The only words needed to describe the house/electro/hard trance duo The Bloody Beetroots. Like many DJs in today’s electro scene, they wear masks on stage and in videos. The masks they wear are fucking epic, as well as the music they produce and mix. If you don’t believe me, just follow the little link at the end of this post and see for yourself.

They’re from Italy and formed in ’06 by producer Bob Rifo also known as “Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo and DJ Tommy Tea AKA “Isaac”. This band, comprised of gods, honsetly has as much talent as the much beloved Daft Punk from the early 90s. No joke. Check this shit out.

P.S. Sorry about the period of non-working, I sorta quit this blog and left to go work on my two novels (if you care to check them out I will post a link after this) and I got back on here on a whim and saw I somehow had 500+ views. So readers, KTLIOADJ is back to use the failboot on all your favorite artists! (Updated nearly weekly) (Updated whenever I give a fuck to do it)

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Justin “Takes It Up His” Beaver

March 20, 2010 at 10:38 PM (Uncategorized)

Hello all. Back from an extended winter/spring break of getting nothing done. So sit back, relax, put your fucking shades on (No Pity For a Coward FTFW) and get ready for the lulz.

If you don’t know who I’m referring to by the title, it’s Justin Bieber. It seems like this kid is the new Jonas Brothers, which was the new Kayne West, which was the new N’Sync, which was the new Backstreet Boys. So, if you’re a fan of  overpaid no talent bitches like Ashlee Simpson then you MIGHT like this fucker.

To put things into perspective, he records with Kayne West, the destroyer of Daft Punk. Just for ruining Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, he deserves capital punishment. For all of you non-political savvy people, it means OFF WITH HIS FUCKING HEAD.

I was once at a friend of my mother’s house, who had a nine year old daughter, who had a poster of Justin Bieber that said. “I show my heart through my music.” There’s only one problem with that Justin. YOU DON’T WRITE YOUR OWN FUCKING SONGS! When will you people understand that getting in front of all your screaming fangirls and fanfags, and sing something that IS SOMEONE ELSE’S and claims its about some chick that dumped you, THAT’S CALLED FUCKING PLAGIARISM.

And since you probably don’t know what that means, I shall make it easier for your high-school dropout mind can understand. It means that you’re a lying douchebag who purchased someone’s work and claimed it to be yours.
Fuck you.

Also he sounds like a prepubescent girl, and not in the good way, like Michael Jagmin and Vic Fuentes does. You claim to be fifteen and trust me I was fifteen last month and you look younger than me? What the fuck? If suddenly you annouced that you were a 13 year old sell-out, I wouldn’t even be fucking surprised.


Do the world and favor and end your pathetic existence.

On another note, it has been a good month in music, other than the fact that this faggot exists. First off, on March 9th, Isles & Glaciers EP, titled “The Hearts of Lonely People” was released on the internet, second on March 16th, the new From First to Last album called “Throne to the Wolves” was released. I already have a copy. Where’s yours?

Straight up.


Peace bitches.

P.S Check out the new Skrillex track, it’s fucking sick. It’s the top one on the list and be discreet about this but a lot of  Sonny’s music can be downloaded here

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Back in Buisness. Sort of…..

February 10, 2010 at 12:25 AM (Uncategorized)

A friend of mine with… debatable.. music taste told me to look up a band called Asking Alexandria, I was a bit skeptical.

So I went on Youtube. Typed in Asking Alexandria in the search bar. Looked up a song called A Single Moment of Sincerity.

And I was pleasantly surprised. Score one for Emy.

Let’s start with some band history. They’re from York, North Yorkshire, and formed in 2008. (Wikipedia FTW!) Their first band name was Amongst Us and the second was EndofReason.

Their guitarist in English but lived in Dubai, where the FIRST Asking Alexandria became nationally recognized. They never went on tour with that name so when Ben Bruce moved back to England, he continued his new project under the same name.

They’ve all been childhood friends so I guess they never really “met”. I would give this band a great rating just for the vocals. The clean vocals are great AND unique. The screams are good, not the best, but damn good. The guitar is badass and the beats are catchy.

This band tours with good bands as well, like Alesana, In Fear & Faith, and Dance Gavin Dance as well as some terrible ones, Attack Attack! and Enter Shikari.

I would give this band an 8 out of 10.

Not my favorite band but its on my iPod.


Check out my Attack Attack! review.

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They’re back baby.

January 30, 2010 at 11:04 PM (Uncategorized)

March 16, 2010.

That’s the day.

The most amazing band in the universe makes a comeback. Their last album sucked ass, and I thought they were nothing without their old vocalist.

I could never be more wrong

Throne to the Wolves

From First to Fucking Last.

Check this shit out

It reminds me of something…. but can’t quite place it.

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This is what we call “stupidity”

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To Mr. Al Gore, on Friday, in Houston, Texas, it snowed. Yes, snowed. For a good couple hours.

Global warming MY ASS



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Chivalry is dead, and this band killed it.

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Hey all, I’ve been grounded recently and I haven’t updated in awhile, like I said, grounded and I’ve been working on Z-Day ideas and drafts. If you guys haven’t read it or heard about it yet, its a book about the zombie apocalypse Will (my good friend) and I are writing. Check it out.

Okay, that out of the way, I want to talk about Uprise of the Fallen. Okay most of the members from this band has or still goes to my school. I saw them live when I went to see my friend Tony’s band, Backslash,  play at the Northhampton Pavilion.  I knew their old bassist at the time who is in my Theater Tech class and he was in the band when I went to see them. Okay, this band sounds a lot like UnderOath without the good singing. On their myspace, it doesn’t sound as bad, but when I saw them live, I couldn’t help but grimace and look in the other direction. The vocalists voice kept cracking (and how the fuck do you crack in screamo anyway?!) and they all moved in sync like it was fucking Britney Spears dance off.

Jacob, if you read this, (the old bassist) I’m glad you left, they SUCKED! Honestly, and if you’re any good, you can do much better. Oh and grow your hair back out. Hahaha. Kthks.

Oh, and their Christian. Ew.

KTLIOADJ (Tony’s band, check them out, they are really good.)

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November 16, 2009 at 11:28 PM (Fail) (, , )

Can you guys do me a giant favor?

Go to

Find a channel called MrSweetFairy.

And leave him hate.

This fatass fucker has done nothing but bash good music (and bad music too)

and claims to be a metal head. Yeah fucking right.


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Z-Day has been moved to here. (A book my friend is writing)

November 14, 2009 at 11:19 PM (Win!) (, , , , , , )

Go here there will be some chapters here:

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Misheard lyrics are great

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